The Satanville Times!!
(2017-03-18 at 18:20:18 )

The Satanville Times - A Hell On Earth!!

Today is September 1, 2016 and I went to the law office of the Luthmann Firm on Staten Islands Victory Blvd. to consult Mr. Luthmann about my extremely notorious landlord the New York City Housing Authority!!

As I was sitting there an idea popped into my old head - The Satanville Times!!

It all began here:The Onset

Welcome To The Swill And The Slime Of Satanville !!

On this page I will place the Paynal links to The Satanville Times reports as they become available!! This Is Truly A Hell On Earth!!!

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1.-The Nightmare At Satanville

2.-The N.Y.C.H.A. Head Of Household Criminal Enterprises

3."Satan Clause"

4."A Witness To Welfares Carnage"