Welcome To The Swill And The Slime Of Satanville!!
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Welcome To The Swill And The Slime Of Satanville !!

Mr. Bill De Blasio - Mayor of New York City!
Ms Shola Olatoye - Chair of the New York City Housing Authority!
Mr. Brian Honan - NYCHA Director of Governmental Relations!

On April 20, 2016 Mr. Honan made claim to Staten Island Borough President Mr. James S. Oddo that:

Pleased be advised that resident safety and enjoyment is our primary concern when dealing with the developments grounds. All grounds are routinely cleaned according to a janitorial schedule, which is subject to change due to other staff responsibilites. Additionally, the conditions at this area will be further addressed by a vendor as soon as a contract is approved.

I hope this information satisfies your inquiry. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Well let us see some reality here Mr. Honan:

1. There are multiple locations around this development where the sidewalks are broken, cracked, sinking, or cratered! Some for the entire 16 years that I have paid rent here!!

One sidewalk was repaired years ago after the N.Y.C.H.A. was sued and fined for $5,000.00!

2. The N.Y.C.H.A. continues to ignore trash being thrown out of apartment windows and the dog feces left everywhere because no sanitation laws or rules are ever enforced here by anyone!

3. The City of New York continues to use these buildings to sell illegal narcotics, promote prostitution, and other criminal activities and encourages their criminal agents to threaten and terrorize the decent law-abiding residents that are living here!

4. There are almost 600 photographs that clearly show the true behavior of the very worst landlord in all of New York City!! Hopefully some very public disclosure will ensue!!

Welcome To The Swill And The Slime Of Satanville !!!!

" Money Is God " here in New York and, by far, the most profitable enterprise in all of these United States is the sale and the distribution of illegal narcotics!!

No ones neighborhood is off limits to these drug pushers anymore; ethics, morality, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, age, income, etc., etc., nothing ever gets in the way of making those lucrative narcotics profits nowadays!!

The Libertarians are right about the money being generated by illegal narcotics corrupting our population and everything else including the police, the courts, and the entire structure of our government itself!!

For the past sixteen years I have been witness to the City of New York plying minority children with illegal narcotics on an epic genocidal scale!!

Recently a tenant from a different building of these Richmond Terrace Houses told me that Satan is in charge of these buildings and that is why nothing ever changes here!!

She really has a point that is very hard to dispute!!

Is it Satan that is in charge of the " New York City Housing Authority Head Of Household Narcotics Network " that terrorizes and trashes these buildings and the decent people living here??

Is it Satan that directs members of the New York City Police Department to set up gambling, prostitution, and drug dealing enterprises inside of these very notorious government managed apartment buildings??

Is that what is at the root of all the depravity going on here??

Satan likes swill on the ground and Satan likes slime in your soul!!

Is it Satan that addicts a woman to drugs and makes her addict her own children, and the children of others, to illegal narcotics??

Is it Satan that makes a woman send her own children into the streets to sell their very own bodies and their souls??

Is it Satan that makes a woman think that all men are either " tricks needing sex " or some " parasites " needing a welfare woman to lean on for food, shelter, and a bare existence??

Is it Satan that protects these " new untouchables " from any investigation and legal prosecution in any court of law??

" If You See Something; Say Something " does not ever apply here!!

What happens here is that the criminals that you report to the authorities will be told that you reported them so that you will be harassed or physically harmed for " upsetting the lucrative under the table status-quo " of the never-ending ongoing criminal activity!!

Welcome to this underbelly of New York reality that is being run and ruled exclusively by Satan!! Right and wrong have been eliminated; money is GOD; submit and sell your soul!!

Obama promised " change " to go with the " hope " that we had wanted; but he did not deliver much change at all!! What he did was entrench the ruling " status-quo " more firmly and squash any and all forms of dissent!!

Bill De Blasio spoke of the " two New Yorks " established by Mayor Bloomberg and he became our new Mayor; but things just got worse for us decent people in the neighborhoods instead of ever getting any better!! Our new mayor is just a clumsy many-stringed puppet!!

Satan is really in charge here!!

Welcome To The Swill And The Slime Of Satanville !!

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